Streets Enterprise is a cutting edge record label & entertainment conglomerate focusing on artist development,  management, visuals, promotions, marketing, nightlife and technology.

Based in South Florida, this new movement has key individuals that have proven their solidity in hiphop and entertainment understanding that the physical work you do in the streets is so important to building the overall respect and brand loyalty of a company. 

Forged from the ending of a past company, Streets Enterprise is formed from the new strategic partnership of 2 young entrepreneurs.  Music producer Trav Bangerz and recording artist Smiles Official.  The Enterprise strives to empower talent from the streets on all levels and in all markets.  We believe that your past downfalls do not determine the brightness of your future but that past experiences can help anyone be a better person today and achieve their goals tomorrow.

We came from the streets, we got it from the streets, we are the Streets Enterprise.

The Best or NOTHING!