Christopher Mitchell also known as “Lil Toon” was born in Miami, Florida on April 10th, 1997 in Richmond Heights. At the tender age of two-years-old Lil Toon was living in and out of cars, with his mother. After that ruff start and a brief stay with his father Lil Toon  would find himself growing up and being raised by his grandmother. Missed football opportunities in school, running around in the Streets and the Death of his brother did not help add to all his unfortunate upbringing. It was then that interest in music helped Lil Toon escape all he's been through. Lil Toon biggest influences was Miami Hip-hop group “Pretty Ricky” who also gave him his first co-sign. Not much later did Lil Toon start catching a buzz in the city with his songs like “SILLY HOE”, “Thottie” & “Peon” which instantly began to make a name for him in Miami. Within the past year Lil Toon has worked with “Gucci Gang” producer Big Head, and South Florida super producers Kid Keva & Tropdavinci. Lil Toon is definitely starting to become a household name in Miami and is hoping to make his dream of signing to a major label a reality.