Travis Wright has been in love with music since the young age of only seven, first learning to play the drums. Being born into a musical family as a third generation musician, he became fully devoted to music and also learned to play the piano, bass, and guitar bringing his own highly creative, talented and inimitable musical style to the forefront. With a formidable background in vocal production, which he studied in high school, Trav brings pure musicianship and unique melodies, not to mention producer credits from MTV networks and other notable accomplishments. 

Trav has had the opportunity to work with many major brands including Apple Inc, the greatest company in the world. With his eight years of experience at Apple and over twenty years in music, Trav specializes and has backgrounds in Technology, Operations Management, Music Production, Video Production, Sound Engineering, Songwriting, Vocal Production, Music Directing, Musical Theatre, Music Education, Artist management, Artist Development, Entertainment Law, Music Business Affairs, Administration, Nightlife Promotions, Event Coordination, Marketing, Media Management, Design, and Consulting.

Trav considers himself a one-man "think tank", carefully leveraging all of his deep-seated skill sets, creating simultaneous strategical focal-point partnerships that are driven by ambition and uncontainable relentlessness. As the newly appointed Director of Operations for Miracle Leaf Health Centers Corporation, the Nation’s largest Medical Cannabis physicians group, as well as the CEO and Founder of the Miami based entertainment conglomerate, Streets Enterprise Entertainment, Trav has brought nothing less than innovation, heightened focus, and critical situations to the forefront while developing a strong team with diverse skill-sets and pure potential. Trav leads a unified mastermind powerhouse team destined to dominate in many industries.